SALZMAN, WILLIAM (1883–1970), U.S. businessman and educator. Born in the Ukraine, Salzman emigrated in 1908 to New York City, where he founded the Standard Bag Corporation. He served as president and later chairman of the board until its merger with another company in 1966. An amateur scholar of rabbinic and modern Hebrew literature, Salzman helped to found, finance, and maintain a number of important Hebrew educational institutions in New York City, among them the Herzliah Hebrew Teachers College, of which he served for many years as president, and the Institute of Hebrew Studies of New York University. He was an active member of mordecai kaplan 's Society for the Advancement of Judaism and chairman of the Israel Matz Foundation, which supports Hebrew writers in the United States and Israel. His Hebrew autobiography, Netiv Ḥayyai ("The Path of My Life") was published posthumously (1970).

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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